Kira Valera

Alumni Mentor

Hi, I'm Kira! I recently graduated from Parsons with a BBA in Strategic Design and Management a minor in Psychology, with academic honors. Leading is a strength that comes naturally to me, and fostering collaboration is the cornerstone of my management style. I continue to nurture a lifelong passion for tangible craft, specifically sewing and painting. My creative passion combined with my intuition for business strategy allows me to present innovative solutions from unique angles. My aim post-graduation is to build a career centering sustainability and social responsibility, uplifting and enriching communities through collaborative projects. My interests include the intersection of social good and art & design, artisan craftsmanship and its globalization, design strategy, fashion and accessory design, and flora & fauna. I hope to guide current students to navigate their paths to success!

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Kira's schedule is only open to her current assigned mentee at the moment.