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The world is re-inventing itself.
You are the Designers of that Future.

Welcome to our BBA Symposium 2022 virtual exhibition featuring capstone projects from our graduating seniors.


BBA graduates are challenging the status quo by critically questioning and looking to reimagine more meaningful and just futures at the intersection of design and business as we are confronted with systemic breakdowns, inequalities and unsustainable ways of doing and being.


Over the past academic year, students have researched and driven individual capstone projects around topics of their choosing or worked in teams on real world strategic challenges with external partners Frame Media, UNHCR and the Diversify by Design. You can view their work in our online gallery.


Much gratitude to the SP2 faculty teaching team: Ammar Belal, Bob McKinnon, Ben Lang, Sam Haddix, Monice Belot, Julienne Davis, Henry Lee and Lesley Onstott for mentoring and supporting the students and their work and to the SP2 coordinator, Michael Sainato for your leadership.


BBA Graduates of 2022, you have shown extraordinary resilience and deep growth beyond all odds. This is not an easy moment, yet you all have built extraordinary capacities to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of our world. Continue to nurture the relationships you have started building here and forge the paths forward needed for better ways of being and doing. Keep questioning and designing for more equitable systems and shared value while maintaining the care, empathy and leadership you seeded in your foundational years at Parsons. Never forget to show up in the world ready to co-create with respect, humility, criticality and ingenuity. And always with joy!




Warm regards,

Hala Abdel Malak

Director, Strategic Design and Management BBA, School of Design Strategies, Parsons

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