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Go Artist - Unleashing Artistic Potential with Advisory Excellence

Go Artist empowers emerging artists by offering practical resources and guidance.


Key Words


Bomin Kim


To me, artists serve as storytellers, capturing our history, present, and future. Thus, my Capstone project began with a fundamental question: How can I support emerging artists, and is there a platform offering professional services for them? In the current landscape, numerous platforms provide advice for artists. However, the challenge lies in the lack of real-world experience and expertise in the art field, resulting in conflicting or harmful guidance. Through interviews, the primary insights revealed that for emerging artists to succeed, they require robust experience and knowledge of how galleries, auctions, and clients function. Consequently, artists need to navigate the complexities of legal and contractual understanding.


A significant challenge was to understand the personal importance of my project. Although I understood the origin of my art interest from my time in New York City and working at galleries, it was a struggle to discern why supporting artists mattered to me. To address this, I conducted extensive research and utilized the five whys research method to uncover the societal significance of artists today. Simultaneously, I conducted interviews with BFA alumni, and a challenge here was comprehending artists' pain points and delivering relevant services that cater to their genuine needs. Thus, this understanding became pivotal in shaping my project to effectively address the specific challenges faced by emerging artists.


Go Artist addresses a critical gap by offering professional resources for emerging artists, bridging the gap in opportunities in the art world. According to research, emerging artists worldwide do not possess the experience or know-how to navigate the often exclusive and complex art world. To this extent, Go Artist provides free professional courses, personalized advisory services, an online community, and events, supporting artists who often turn to local agencies, personal networks, and community organizations for business guidance.

MEET THE Designers:

Bomin Kim
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