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Team 3: Ombligo x Stonehenge: A Customer Outreach Plan

Maximizing customer reach, engagement, and incentive

Yasemin Uskan, Gabriella Jaramillo, Paloma Lazzarino


Engagement, Partnerships, Social Impact, Technology, User Experience


Amidst their quest for expansion and outreach, Ombligo (IT asset and disposition company) was brought on to us as a potential client to fulfill our university capstone project. Ombligo serves as a major force in the collection, refurbishment, and management of large corporations’ computers, hard drives, information technology, and so on while advocating for safe disposal and recycling. They’ve also opened up a secondhand marketspace, giving unwanted, yet fully functioning electronics new life for a profit. In familiarizing ourselves with the company, we had to understand where there were gaps in their strategy. We came to notice that their business to business communication plans were loose and lacked structure or direction and also that they have yet to achieve the visibility that they need to grow.



Our initial research shed light on the fact that e-waste is not a widely understood concept, as it has been intertwined in the muddled tech language, and that companies lack stringent engagement plans that see their equipment recycled properly. This has made us want to maximize customer reach by challenging current communication channels, incentivizing e-waste handling and care, and educating potential customers. Seeing as though they had no social media presence and a limited portfolio of clientele, we wanted to think outside the box and set them up with a platform they could use as a pivot point to gain traction as an industry leader.


By way of marketing, branding, and advertising efforts, we ideated a plan that would facilitate reach and promote brand interaction for Ombligo. In doing so, we wanted to introduce them to a category of clientele that is safe to say is untapped. That being real estate firms that own and operate co-ops. While the firms themselves serve as potential customers, so do their tenants. The idea here is to station e-waste recycling bins within co-ops for residential accessibility. This would be put in place so that the everyday consumer can partake in the recycling process and potentially onboard Ombligo within their own companies. The campaign will gain traction through an interactive PR box, social media activations, in-person events, as well as the Ombligo badge. This will help educate the consumer and emphasize the importance of e-waste recycling while attracting new clients and partnership opportunities outside the realm of real estate.

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