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Shriya Tiwari

Shriya Tiwari


Graduation: May 2022

Hi. My name is Shriya Tiwari and I am currently a senior in the Strategic Design and Management Program. My minor in psychology helped me better understand people and become more empathetic. Being a bilingual person who grew up in India and is now getting an education in New York, I believe I understand both the easter and western perspective, giving me the bandwidth to further adjust and address complexities. My passion for dancing taught me discipline, traveling taught me how to become part of more than one ecosystem to co-exist and my love for reading taught me how to become the best version of myself and that a good book can save any bad day! My internships in India and New York taught me a lot about the back end of the fashion business. I am always looking forward to learning, growing and expanding my horizons through new people, places and situations, and I aim to offer the best to my peers and society!

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