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Chyelle Milgrom

Global Health and Wellness Profile Paradigms

Exposing consumer health paradigms through a gamified ethnographic questionnaire and machine learning.

Globally there is no single understanding of what an all-around healthy person is. Similarly to how every nation, culture, and person has their own perception of beauty, our standard of what healthy is varies. Our vague perception expands into the industry of health and wellness. As seen in the loads of “innovative” products that are hocked at us with claims of benefits to our lives. HHAW will illuminate paradigms around being healthy by examining knowledge, perception, and habits through a gamified questionnaire and machine learning.



The average physically well person who doesn’t need a doctor's care, knows that the lifestyle choices they make determine how well they are. Concepts like; smoking leads to cancer, excessive alcohol leads to liver damage, and too much sugar leads to diabetes, are accepted truths and yet ignored by many. Perceptions of what “healthy” is and how it applies to us is instrumental in why we purchase products that claim to better us. HHAW’s objective is to discover the core of people’s perception of health and how that influences everyday life.



HHAW developed a non-invasive comprehensive 50 question questionnaire and report that examines the core pillars found within each of the established 8 Dimensions of Wellness. HHAW developed a functional website to host the gamified questionnaire and report which simultaneously aggregates the submitted data and presents it in an interactive data visualization. Once we have collected enough data we will apply an unsupervised machine learning approach which will unbiasedly allow us to identify health paradigms and contemporary personas.

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