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Robin Stiefel


An exploration of the ideal relationship between seniors and the urban environment through the study of an urban mobility vehicle set in a futuristic scenario.

MOVE ON is in an intersection between my interest/experience in urban mobility and the need to design for an mostly overlooked, but in my eyes highly relevant demographic, the elderly. Instead of the originally intended physical prototype of an improved utility cart, the deliverable has shifted to an exploration of a future scenario. This scenario examines how an elderly demographic should be able to perform in an urban environment based not on an improved, but ideal version of the common utility cart.



My biggest challenge was supposed to be working with the elderly community in NYC in a productive way, while being respective to their past (me being a foreigner). After gaining access to a community and laying out my research plan, the circumstances changed drastically and I had to abort this mission. The second biggest challenge was now to define the scope of my newly designed future scenario without losing sight of what’s important, while building the actual 3D model in a software that I used for the first time (Rhino).



My final deliverable represents a reference point to understanding what needs to be changed in urban development to promote an age friendly infrastructure. Ultimately, due to the immense increase in the older population in the coming years, cities have already started and will continue to adopt age friendly principles. This wave of new innovation will reshape how we live in cities and force us to rethink many more relationships between the humans and objects.

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