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Amazon Dance on the New Beat

A localized content marketing and social commerce strategy for Amazon by suiting local gen-z audience’s user habit and preference to increase purchase of Amazon SA

Cindy Biao, Iris Yang, Yiman Bai


Based on primary research and secondary research of Amazon SA’s background and the
current Gen Z trend in SA, our team summarized the local characteristics and the areas that could be improve. We think content marketing is a trend we should follow and will help Amazon SA to develop in SA with a solid foundation. For the next step, our team brainstormed
and generated three potential ideas including content marketing, social commerce,and
customer relationship. In the end, we finalized our idea to make collaboration with TikTok, focusing on 3C products and cosmetics that are popular categories for Gen-Z in SA.


During our project development, we have encountered ambiguous stages where we were unsure about how to convince the audience that content marketing and social media features drives sales. As we kept flashing out our ideas in details and arranging interview with the Tiktok Global operation manager, we built a matrix with supportive data and evidence to prove that Tiktok users are the most engaging audience to shop online in Saudi Arabia.


Our strategy is particularly focused on social commerce and content marketing that
adapt the local environment to make Gen-Z feel relevant by integrating their social life with
online shopping, riding on rising trend and demands, having niche brands that can quickly
aroused high attention, and promoting items which disrupt the category norm.
The deliverable is a commercial video with narrative, showing how we use the
colloboration between TikTok and Amazon sa to level up the customer experience by bringing
them a brand-new adventure. The video includes our slogan: Your Viral Tiktok Went Viral On Amazon, our special feature where we embed ecommerce feature on TikTok, collaborate with
KOL and celebrities to post Amazon product sponsored videos on TikTok, leading Gen-Z traffic
from Tiktok to Amazon. The deliverable also involves social media feature on Amazon, showing the landing page design, user experience journey and product page with link.

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