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Re-Gen Z

How might we increase card usage amongst Gen-Z consumers in Saudi Arabia?

May Chen, Mark Tobon, Jisoo In


In order to complete our client-based team project with Amazon.Sa, our group believed it would be beneficial to research how consumers felt about shopping online. After gathering insights that demonstrated the contrast between card penetration vs. card usage in Saudi Arabia, we hypothesized that Amazon would need to target a specific demographic in their marketing initiatives in order to fill this gap. Considering over two-thirds of the population in Saudi Arabia belong to the Gen Z/Millennial age bracket, our group decided to unpack the potential outcome that would occur as a result of formulating a marketing campaign that prioritized the youth. By capitalizing on Gen Z’s desire to make their unconventional careers goals a reality, our campaign can smoothly transition the youth in Saudi Arabia from casual Amazon shoppers, to loyal consumers.


The biggest challenge our team faced throughout the semester was being able to formulate a campaign that truly resonated with Gen Z’ers in Saudi Arabia. While everyone on the team belongs to the Gen Z age group, we could not simply apply our personal insights to a campaign that would be targeting the youth in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is typically a very conservative society, which means they are not as rebellious in nature as the youth in the United States are. In order to turn the youth into long-term Amazon consumers, we had to develop a strategy that truly echoed their attributes & characteristics. By failing to do so, we run the risk of prioritizing a Western approach within our marketing campaigns that truly does not speak to the youth in Saudi Arabia.


All in all, our team was able to formulate a detail-oriented marketing campaign that emphasized Amazon’s role in being able to purchase the tools needed to make your dreams a reality. Gen Z’ers in Saudi Arabia resonate with the flash of rebellion mentality, which grants them the ability to create their own sense of identity, while conforming to societal norms when need be. By advertising the convenience & privacy of shopping on Amazon, we are able to paint the picture of a safe-space where everyone is free to invest in making their unconventional dream careers come true. Whether it be purchasing a tripod to become a content creator, or buying a camera to become a photographer, you are placing your destiny into your own hands. Our team was able to create a prototype storyboard of what a commercial spreading this message would look like, as well as an influencer marketing strategy that would aid in the campaign’s social media rollout.

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