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Reforming Transgender Healthcare

The lack of trans medical information created a disconnect between trans patients and professionals

Blair Broll


Healthcare, Medicine, Transgender Health, Human Rights, LGBTQIA+, Accessability, Education, Public Policy, Health Management


This project explored education and accessibility surrounding transgender healthcare. Inspired by frustrations in my personal life, I wanted to find out what others in the community were going through. I created a survey for the community to share their experiences, talked to medical professionals and transgender individuals, made journey maps, and surveyed medical professionals. The insights helped to form the hypothesis: “Due to the lack of education in research studies, medical schools, and medical institutions, there is a lack of medical information about transgender health. This lack of information has created a disconnect between transgender patients and medical professionals.”


Through the research process and engaging with the community, I realised the severity of the issues we face. I knew this the barriers in the transgender medical world would affect myself and others forever. The insights I gained inspired me to continue this research after graduation by applying to PhD programs in Public Policy and Health Management. I wanted to make sure there would be a voice in this research permanently. Looking into PhD programs made me aware that there is a lack of people in the field and only made my passion grow. While there was an ease accessing the trans community for research, I faced difficulties connecting with medical professionals, and hope to have increased communication in the future.


I learned that affirmative care for transgender people is life saving. Right now there is a large amount of anti-trans legislation being proposed that is detrimental to our youth. The research showed that medical professionals are willing to learn comprehensive care and that it is not difficult to provide this. With insurance companies and professionals on board, affirming and life saving care can be provided. It is time to invest in the transgender community and our health.

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