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Barnaba Fagioli


This is SAY IT!, an initiative that wants to create a movement, to build awareness in young and adult men, who are into sports, on toxic masculinity and its impact on emotional expression. SAY IT borns from an extended research about today’s society and how toxic men negatively influence it. I define toxic masculinity as the sum of, aggressive, self-centered, self-absorbed, egoistic, and repressive behaviors that can lead an individual to forget about their true self and oppress others.


Although this definition can sound obvious, it is the result of many months of human centered research. Since the very beginning of this project, I decided to truly test my research and creative skills, undertaking a project focused on men. Defining the right approach was probably the most difficult step. Toxic masculinity can be such a broad topic, therefore, it was very complicated to narrow it down and take a specific direction that would result in something longeve and concrete


Sports represent a fundamental step in the development of a person, they shape our character and personality. According to my research, athletes of any level can benefit from them but often, sports can be lethal. Because of an increasing number of people who, every year, join any sort of sport organizations in hope to become professional, the level of intensity is only going up. Players are constantly pushed to their limits and asked for more. Only the best can go on and this can result in men developing toxic behaviors. SAY IT, therefore, aims at creating a movement and community that provides moral and empirical guidance for male athletes both in their academies and online.

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