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Shop by ShopBop for Amazon.SA

Shop by ShopBop for Amazon.SA is a mutually beneficial digital marketing plan created to boost Generation Z Saudi audiences.

Sofia Perevalova, Grace Rowe


Branding, Market Engagement, Partnerships, User Experience, Digital Marketing


Our project began with conversations with Saudi’s Gen Z over shopping habits and their opinion of Amazon. From this discussion along with surveys we identified a unique problem — is seen as inferior to After further research we found that Saudi’s Gen Z and Millennials were looking for a more convenient way to buy trending Western brands in the Middle East. Our hypothesis is that’s brand image among existing and new customers
would improve if the company offered a more elevated product selection. Our solution became
implementing the Shop by ShopBop- an American female retail e-commerce platform- on Adding the ShopBop feature to the website would not only provide a new shopping experience in the Middle East, but would also be simple to implement as the model already exists.


Our first challenge was deciding what the main focus of our project would be. It was difficult to refine the areas we wanted to cover and our approach. There were many aspects we
decided not to include such as shipping logistics and taxing as our main focus for the project was branding. A second challenge we faced was refining the product offering. Our project is focused
on womenswear which limited our customer reach, however, we decided that focusing on one specific area would allow us to have a more concise project. After researching similar successful
business models we decided to focus on reaching our specific target audience first and meeting their needs and expectations. By doing this we could later expand into other areas of shopping such as menswear and homeware with a stronger understanding and more credibility.


We knew a partnership with ShopBop was reliable and effective as Amazon Inc acquired BOP LLC in 2006 with similar marketing intentions. Shop by ShopBop for Amazon proved to be mutually beneficial when the outcome of their partnership for both expanded services, enhanced customer experiences and increased company size. If were to launch a second collaboration with ShopBop in the Middle Eastern market; they would not only hit their generation z target audience (for females) but also secondary audiences, increase revenues and boost brand image. Our digital marketing plan for also includes weekly newsletters and paid sponsorships with Saudi stylists and influencers. By way of Instagram or TikTok, these brand ambassadors promote merchandise, their Ambassador’s Picks (wish-lists), utilizing #FoundItOnAmazonSA as well as discount codes. The past year has proven that digital marketing is a necessity which is why our strategy aims to advance through a stronger digital foundation.

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