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Art, Branding, Media, User Experience, Interactive Videos, Art & Culture, News Media, Undercover Stories, Art News, Controversial, Snapchat, Engaging and Short

Art x News Media

Kkhushi Sahaii

Alara Tufekcioglu

Lubaba Abbas Kazmi

Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship, Systems Thinking, Value Chain

Asterisk House: Built From America’s Bedrock

Era Asterisk

Branding, Entrepreneurship, Market Engagement, Media, Betting, GenZ, Engagement, Media, App

B.O.N (Bet on The News)

Leyla Ersin

Sierra Warshawsky

Tasha Maria Salame

Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship, Prototyping, Social Impact

Chantry Beauty

Kate Blaylock

Branding, Market Engagement, Partnerships, Public Relations, Technology

Co Consulting

Madelyn Gostomski

Ilana Nozaique Kratchman

Design, Prototyping, Sustainability, Systems Thinking, Technology

Colligo: Infer, Collect, Conclude

Lauren Neman

Critical Thinking, Design, Prototyping, Systems Thinking, User Experience

Community Gardens and the Digital Space

Kirsten Geiger

Art, Ethics, Inclusion, Social Impact, Community Oriented

Crafting Communities of Care

Juliana Bakumenko

Entrepreneurship, Inclusion, Shared Value, Social Impact, Sustainability


Camille Farge

Entrepreneurship, Media, Systems Thinking, Technology, User Experience


Alique Papas

Design, Equity, Inclusion, Social Impact, Creativity

Design Challenge x DxD

Sofia Conrad

Alesia Leret

Emilia Torres

Tiziana Torres

Ana Fernanda Flores

Design, Partnerships, Social Impact, Sustainability, Systems Thinking

Design for Humanity

Mohtasham Mani

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