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Art x News Media

Undercover and Controversial Art Stories


Art, Branding, Media, User Experience, Interactive Videos, Art & Culture, News Media, Undercover Stories, Art News, Controversial, Snapchat, Engaging and Short

Kkhushi Sahaii

Alara Tufekcioglu

Lubaba Abbas Kazmi


Frame is an award-winning news publication that thrives on delivering undercover news and exploring the unseen side of the biggest issues of our time. Gen-Z, which is our target audience, is interested in pop culture, creativity, and arts in every aspect of their life. We saw some opportunities which shaped our ideas. Introducing a new segment for frame called Arts and Culture, will open up an array of opportunities to tell the controversial undercover of the global art world.


In a world of mostly TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter users, we found it very intriguing that Snapchat is Frame Media’s most used social media platform. At the beginning of the project, we tried to focus on improving Frame Media’s social presence on Instagram but time-shifted our focus to Snapchat to make the most out of their strengths. This was an unanticipated turning point for our project.


Frame is built around two ideas: leveraging technology to tell stories in new ways and providing the in-depth context that weekly news magazines have traditionally filled. This reimagination of art stories will be uncovered to align with Frame's already existing style of news reporting. Youtube is a popular platform for Gen Zs. We focus on making Snapchat the new youtube for Frame Media, alongside using its official website and Instagram account to gain traction. We believe Art and Culture undercover stories will catch GenZ's attention and draw them to Frame Media.

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