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Chantry Beauty

The Beauty of Self Expression


Kate Blaylock


Through the past several months within Capstone, I dedicated my time and research to analyzing the introspection between the beauty standard and makeup. From the research that I have accumulated during Capstone, I was inspired to curate a cosmetic brand whose essence is to empower individuals through the beauty of their self-expression. This brand is known as Chantry Beauty: The Beauty of Self Expression. Chantry Beauty is dismantling unrealistic beauty standards. The brand's mission is to help individuals embrace self-expression by redefining what beautiful means. My goal was to encourage and showcase individuals' creativity by giving people the tools to represent their inner beauty through an artistic and transformative outlet. My final intervention consisted of multiple components to establish this brand beyond the theoretical idea of a visual identity. I designed a brand identity guide, created product packaging/mockups for a potential cosmetic collection, and organized a photoshoot with a photographer and models to bring the brand to life.


During my Capstone, the challenge that I came across was striving for multiple interventions and ideas for this brand but having limited time and opportunity to bring those ideas to life. There was so much potential that I desired to be a part of my project, but I felt that I had limited resources and support to execute the project the way I had initially seen it to be. As more time passed and the final submission due date came up, I had to make sacrifices on some components of my project. To make consistent and well-executed material that I was proud to call my year-long thesis project, I decided to focus more on the brand visuals.


The final intervention of my thesis project consisted of a visual story of the potential success of this hypothetical cosmetic brand. I created an environment and aesthetic that spoke to the mission and goal that I had envisioned from the early start of this project. I was able to portray my research work as a brand identity accurately. I created a brand identity guide for my final deliverables, designed mock-ups for potential product collections, and organized the photoshoot cosmetic campaign with fellow Parsons students. Beyond the classroom environment and this thesis exploration, I am hoping to take my insights and findings to pursue creating an actual cosmetic brand within the ethos over the next several years. After college, I am applying to work in the cosmetic industry to expand my knowledge and understanding of how to execute a successful brand within the current industry today. I hope that this initial phase could potentially grow and expand further into the future and disrupt the cosmetic industry in a positive light.

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