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The Future of Eating Out With Dietary Restrictions


Alique Papas


D00R.3 is a full-encompassing solution that targets the problems of eating out faced by those with restrictions on the consumer side. It also goes one step further in solving the core problems within the industry that restaurants face internally. To correctly teach and redesign how the entire industry caters to a restricted community of customers by reinventing the steps restricted individuals take when eating out to ensure a consistently satisfying experience for all users.


How spontaneous are you when you go out to eat? Are you an adventurous eater that will go anywhere your heart desires, or are you someone who usually lets others decide where to go? Sadly that kind of freedom is nearly impossible for individuals with dietary restrictions. Every decision is calculated and thought out before even stepping foot into a restaurant. Six years ago, I developed a stomach problem that led me to adopt several dietary restrictions, which completely changed the way I experienced eating out, filled with challenges that made the experience with my restrictions exceptionally unsatisfying. Therefore I focused my first semester in capstone one on understanding how people with dietary restrictions find food when eating out. Followed by my work in capstone two, I worked to solve the high-level systematic problems with food discovery and filtering and form a solution that targeted the central issues with how restaurants cater to the restricted community.


So what does D00R.3 do? We are a dietary restriction-focused food media platform that shares informative dietary restriction concentrated reviews and guides on the consumer side. This division of the company functions as a restriction focused restaurant discovery platform. Secondly, on the service side, we are a consultant agency that works directly with restaurants ranging from mom and pop establishments to more high-end experimental restaurants looking to update their services to cater better to those with dietary restrictions. Finally, our platform helps filter menus to give those with restrictions the Ultimate level of customizability when looking at a menu. By simply plugging in their restrictions, menus are automatically filtered only to show options that each user can eat. Ultimately, D00R.3 is the future of eating out, focusing on finding the best places for those with dietary restrictions by creating a safer and more aware industry that truly understands how to feed those with restrictions.

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