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Design Challenge x DxD

A design challenge to raise funds for black and brown individuals in order to build an inclusive creative industry.


Our project is based on a marketing strategy campaign that focuses on highlighting creativity and inclusivity amongst black and brown students. The idea is to create a design challenge where students will submit a piece of any medium (photography, painting, sculpture, etc.) relating their work to social inequality and equity, alongside a short, written brief about the development of their ideas. The final winner has the opportunity to complete an internship with a professional in the design field, and will be featured on the Parsons social media. This marketing campaign will provide exposure to D&D and the winner of the challenge, indirectly attracting donors and increasing funds to the organization.


When presented with the opportunity to work with Diversify by Design, one of the main challenges we faced was coming up with a low cost strategy that would be viable for the foundation to implement, yet would bring the traction we believe they deserve. Our team interviewed multiple people, came up with three different ideas, and finalized on the best route to pursue. When exploring the final idea, we also questioned how to incentivize individuals to participate in the challenge without being offered a financial reward.


The design challenge focuses on social inequality and equity, valuing innovation and creative approaches. It is an opportunity for participants to share their creative work and engage with experienced individuals in different design fields. It is also an opportunity to help put DxD on the map, giving them clout and positive energy. This will help spread DxD’s message, attract donors indirectly, and ultimately, raise funds for scholarships. As students ourselves, we see the potential of this opportunity to help other students wanting to pursue design professions, specifically black and brown individuals. The design challenge is a step to advance the creative field, making it more diverse and accessible.

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