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Diversity Through Tik Tok: A Social Media Strategy Plan

Creating an easy, ready to use toolkit for Tik Tok implementation strategy to bring awareness of the design industry, its opportunities, and available scholarships for diverse students


Stephanie Granados

Maria Eugenia Salini

Krishna Chandrasekar


Diversity by Design (DxD) is a coalition of businesses, academic institutions, advisors, and other interested organizations that have come together to rectify drastic racial inequalities in the Design industry and diversify it. Diversity by Design’s specific goals is to increase access to educational and career opportunities for Black and Brown youth in the Design industry and to help them grow to influential positions within it. A huge component of this mission is to raise awareness among the target youth segments about existing and potential resources (including scholarships) and how they can be leveraged. Our project is to provide Diversity by Design with a toolkit in the form of a TikTok strategy to reach the youth/ students of color to spread this awareness. Our choice of TikTok is based on its rapid growth among youth and therefore is an ideal mode of outreach to the target youth segments.


As we progressed with our project, we were faced with certain challenges that as a group we managed to overcome. When we began working on our project, all three group members were living in different countries, and in some cases continents, making communication very complicated. However, with time we were able to establish a weekly meeting schedule, allowing us to reconsider our ideas and thankfully after midterms we all moved back to the city, making it easier for everyone to work together. Moreover, I believe our team had a difficult time understanding the brief for a period of time because we weren’t sure what exactly the instructors and those working for Diversify by Design were looking for. Through trial and error and many critiques later, we were finally able to reconsider our project in order to find the right solutions to fit the prompt’s expectations.


For our final outcome we created an easy, comprehensible, ready-to-use toolkit for Tik Tok's implementation strategy to bring awareness of the design industry, its opportunities, and available scholarships for diverse students. The tool kit will include:

A Tik Tok Strategy
- Target audience
- Content/posting strategy

Content Ideas
- Examples of content
- Influencers/Content creators to work with
- Campaign Ideas

Content Calendar
- Monthly theme
- Content focus
- Content highlights

Implementation Logistic
- Working with influencers
- Social media management

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