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Frame Media’s TikTok Debut

Designing a strategic plan for Frame Media to launch their Tik Tok page to reach Gen Z and help them consume more quality and in-depth news.


Haya Gilinski

Amanda Leon

Brigitte Shokouhi


Frame Media is a news publication that dedicates themselves to reporting underreported and unconventional news stories. Through vigorous research, interviews, and prototyping, we identified an area of opportunity on TikTok for Frame Media to enter and grow a community. We designed a plan for Frame Media to launch its Tik Tok platform, in which “influencers” with a social following create videos of under-reported news in their area and send them for Frame Daily to post. By doing so, we encourage Gen Z to speak out and create a community for Frame Daily’s TikTok following. Our goal is to encourage not only Gen Z but everyone who finds traditional news overwhelming to be able to understand and ideally share what's going on in the world around them and, in the end, be a part of something greater.


After analyzing the competitive landscape, we struggled to design an innovative idea to bring underreported news to the attention of Gen Z. We identified some of our competitors to be Yahoo News and The Washington Post. These being two very well-known and trusted news sources, we struggled with finding a unique way to “compete” with them and have Frame Media become Gen Z’s chosen and trusted news source. After conducting a research study on Gen Z, we noticed an area of opportunity on TikTok, Gen Z’s app of choice, and we were able to provide an innovative idea for Frame to reach its goal.


This proposal for Frame Media to enter TikTok will lead to them finding a way to connect and educate their target audience, Gen Z. TikTok is the platform of choice for most Gen Z, and because of this, it is the best platform to connect with them. Through digestible but educational videos, Frame Media will soon become the trusted News outlet for Gen Z. Frame Media’s Tik Tok page will be called Frame Daily, creating a sense for anyone on the page to remember to check it daily and even a few times a day. With the help of Tik Tok analytics, Frame Media will be able to check its success and change according to what its audience is saying and thinking, therefore keeping them engaged and educated while broadening Frame’s community.

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