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Innovation Is Campaign

Breaking techno utopian conventions of innovation through the power of humanitarian action


Kaylynn Gunzy

Camilla Robyn

Nivita Chaliki


Innovation Is is an internal communications campaign that seeks to bring awareness to existing humanitarian innovation in order to invite collaboration with the Innovation Service and inspire others within UNHCR to continue adopting innovative practices in their work. It includes a visual dynamic scroll that showcases pre existing individual definitions and projects to spark curiosity toward what innovation can look like beyond techno-utopian ideals.


One of the biggest struggles came in choosing a guiding motto that would help the UNHCR workforce move away from outdated, technology-driven, ideas of what innovation means while also keeping it open enough for creative interpretation. This made us struggle in defining our audience, incentivizing, and the overall design. What pulled us from the creative trenches was the answer to one question: why does innovation matter?


Innovation matters because it's for the people. This is the answer that led us to the motto, Innovation is Humanitarian, that guided the campaign. In utilizing existing work of the UNHCR Innovation Team, we were able to pull a meaningful plethora of imagined definitions that supported this motto. We then created the visual scroll to be easily implemented across digital channels such as email and website banners to be easily disseminated. In hopes of incentivization, a call to action is displayed at the end of the video, asking for others in the workforce to submit their definitions.

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