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Introducing: Pandora

A virtual brand face for Frame Media


Jia Gao

Wyatt Feldmann

Madeleine Blumen


Frame Media, an immersive and interactive news media company, will target Gen Z’s news consumption through “Pandora”: a brand face, virtual influencer, and news reporter. Having a brand face helps Frame Media become identifiable and build relationships with their audience, which will be additionally amplified by Pandora’s influencer status online via social media (a Gen Z hotspot). Intended to be used for interviewing and storytelling, Pandora is a cost effective, risk-free solution to working with humans and full of endless possibilities that can serve Frame Media’s future.


Our main challenges were research and creation. Despite having been around for the last few years, there is not a lot of published information on the creation, operation, logistics, etc. of virtual influencers. To further explore the deeper meaning and impact of the virtual space and digital people, additional primary research was conducted. We also attempted to get direct quotes and information from companies specialized in virtual influencers, but to no success. What frustrated us the most, was our inability to create the desired prototype since we lack the various skills (CGI, 3-D) needed. We aimed to showcase Pandora as a model and in application, but could only do so through the alternative skills and resources we do have.


Our final Pandora includes both male and female presenting models, which can change, depending on what is needed. This complex characteristic of open-endedness for adaptability is a highlighted benefit of our outcome, but can be confusing to visualize. Hence, we only presented a non-binary, female-presenting Pandora in our applied product “Simplifed”. Through this mock-up series or addition, Pandora simplifies overwhelming topics for Gen Z in short video formats. We believe that having a virtual influencer as the brand face for Frame Media, brings promising potential with things like the Metaverse and growth in VR/AR technology. Pandora will allow Frame to be one of the first media organizations actively partaking in this field.

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