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MiNFT - NFT Educational Institution

The virtual and physical institution for NFT learning and success.


Art, Market Engagement, Social Impact, User Experience, NFT

Amalaswintha Oppelt


In the process of discovering the benefits of NFTs for society, I noticed that one big problem – there is a lack of understanding of NFTs. Despite all of the great opportunities NFTs offer, people don't understand them enough to feel comfortable creating or investing. I believe that specifically for Gen-Z and Millennials that are already familiar with technology, NFT success is very accessible. However, trying to understand NFTs can be extremely frustrating, as there is no centralized platform for information on how to become successful. To solve this problem, I have created MiNFT – the institution for NFT learning and success. Our organization is determined to provide access to knowledge about how to become successful with NFTs to everyone and is set up both virtually through an App and physically in our NFT hub. I believe our institution can help to maximize the positive social impact of NFTs on society.


The biggest challenge throughout this project was determining what the most effective form of education is and how we can provide as many people as possible with it. At first, I was set on the idea of just a virtual platform as an App or Website that provides interactive education. However, after receiving a lot of feedback I looked into other more physical ways of providing learning. This is how I came to the idea of the NYC MiNFT hub. I wanted to have a flagship location that is our organization’s center. It helps to really give users the feeling of community and connectivity which was very important to me. This physical location also allows us to provide an additional benefit – certifications of NFT learning. For the future, we want to create MiNFT institutions globally for artists and investors alike to learn, connect, and further their success.


My final solution is both a virtual platform as well as a physical one, that work closely together. Firstly, the App gives users the ultimate jumpstart to investing in or creating NFTs, providing all the knowledge needed to get you started. It can be used for free, however, there is the option to pay a monthly fee for special access membership. This will provide them with additional insider information articles from people that have succeeded previously in the industry. Our platform will be complemented by a physical NFT learning institution in NYC that provides certification for NFT knowledge. It will be the ultimate hub for the young emerging NFT community and foster a meeting place to exchange ideas, connect and learn. All information and registration are only available through our App. To visit events, users must become part of our special access membership.

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