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REV Investing

REV Investing is a platform that connects investors with sustainable projects and operates with cryptocurrency units within a blockchain


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Future, Sustainability, Systems Thinking

Zoe Rebecca Radoglou


REV Investing is providing a solution to the slow climate change mitigation by governments due to central banks and a plethora of regulations. The platform connects investors directly with multiple sustainable projects that are part of a grid that energizes the communities that they operate in as well as provides carbon credits. Investing is made in cryptocurrency units for fast transactions, and blockchain technology and smart contracts provide efficiency and transparency.


Data in the sustainable sector are vague and contradicting. As a hot topic, I also found many contradicting views on climate change during my interviews. Even after focus groups, the views seemed different. One of my main challenges was to view all these information from a different lens and coordinate them with my own views on the subject. Another challenge was to combine the cryptocurrency sector with the sustainable sector in a way that is easy to implement and translate to people that are only familiar with one. Lastly, I had to to provide solutions to every part of the customer journey from both the perspective of the investor and the project.


I reached the conclusion that climate change mitigation solutions have to operate in a decentralized manner in order to not only reach the end goal but also to transition our economies towards a circular model. My project deliverable was to have a mock website of my platform that addresses all issues within REV Investing, from the investor to the project.

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