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When Life Gives You LEMON.

Making returns package free, printer free, worry free, and easy peezy.


Branding, Design, Technology, User Experience, Marketing, Innovation, E-Commerce

Isabel Mira


Meeting the rise in e-commerce post-pandemic & the desperate need for a renovated return experience, LEMON seeks to facilitate a return experience that makes a consumer's life easy peezy. Instead of having to worry about finding packaging or a printer for return labels, consumers can now experience fast, seamless, and worry-free returns. Returns can be scheduled directly through account portals and the return page of our brand partners’ websites or through our google plugin for brands that have not yet partnered with us offering our innovative return experience with no exclusions. Once processed, consumers can drop off their items directly in-store at one of our locations or schedule a pickup from our LEMON van. Cuz’ sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just wanna give them right back. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier when life gives you LEMON.


When prompted to think, “What does success in this project look like for me,” I really landed on delivering an established brand identity for the innovation I created LEMON. Throughout my four years at Parsons, I found myself very inclined to branding, but as a Business major, I was not able to explore that very often. After having developed a solution to the problem I uncovered, I knew this was my opportunity to explore brand imaging hands on by bringing LEMON to life. I had a very clear idea at the beginning of what I wanted everything to look like, but each iteration I made, I was left disappointed and unsatisfied. Two weeks from final presentations and I still wasn’t happy with the branding so I decided to start from scratch and do a deep dive for inspiration; I soon came to know this is exactly what I needed!


Going into this second semester project after conducing months of research, I had unveiled a huge gap between consumers and brands in return experiences. Upon brainstorming and further research, the innovation that I developed LEMON is one I am confident in and super proud of. Although it took me a few tries, LEMON’s final brand identity and image are exactly what I pictured in my head and I could not be happier with the end results. I am leaving this semester with a strong deck and promo video that I hope to one day be able to pitch to potential business partners and investors that would be able to help me develop the aspects of LEMON’s business plan that need a little more love and attention like the financial plan and potentially bring LEMON to life.

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