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Caddis Strategic Partnerships Proposal

Featuring “Readers Revival," “Caddis X Chilewhich," and “The Caddis Library”



Slyviane Bahati

Nailah Herndon

Simon Zhang


In our research, we concluded that Caddis needs strategies that target its social presence while increasing new sales and community engagement. We established two strategic partnerships including “Readers Revival,” which features partnerships with community artists, and “Caddis X Chilewich," which is a direct collaboration with another brand that shares Caddis' target customer segment. We also refer to strategic marketing strategies including “The Caddis Library," a new recurring video segment for Caddis social channels, and the ways it can be implemented to promote these collaborations.


See the project video: 


A thread throughout our project was this idea of connection amongst ideas. The Caddis brand's core problem to be solved, that of building community for the brand, fostered many ideas and iterations. Our focus changed throughout the course, with all team members ideating thoughtful and relevant directions, however in times we struggled to find a cohesive narrative to connect all of our interventions. This, although a process, pushed our team to think outside the box and re-evaluate their ideas and how they acted to serve Caddis’ prompt.


As we sought guidance from the capstone teaching team, as well as the facilitation of our own conversations, we quickly realized a common thread to pull all of our ideas together: strategic partnerships. This allowed us space to pursue interests of our own in relation to the Caddis Brand while still remaining true to each other's ideas and the overall narrative of our project.

MEET THE Designers:
Slyviane Bahati
Nailah Herndon
Simon Zhang
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