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Shoe Drive + Earth Day Raffle

Two organizations together under one sustainable initiative



William Martin


My Project consisted of two phases, one being a month long Shoe Drive and the other an Earth Day Raffle. I started by installing shoe collection boxes in the University Center and student dorm lobbies. From there, I had to get the word out to students that shoe recycling options were now available and all the proceeds would be donated back to The New School athletics department.


See the project video: 


The main challenges I had to overcome throughout this project were scheduling and communication. Since the funding for this project was dependent on FILA, and my connection inside FILA wasn't prioritizing my requests, I found myself in a difficult situation and needed to pivot to still make this project successful.


This idea was organized to increase student engagement by providing an incentive and the result was over 25 pairs of shoes collected during the event. But even more importantly than that I was able to inform a few hundred passing students about the benefits of shoe recycling programs. Throughout the 3 week shoe drive I was successful in collecting just over 100 pairs of shoes total.

MEET THE Designers:
William Martin

William Martin

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