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Filling gaps in the US educational system of language learning with VR



Makennah Chinavare


Going into this school year I wanted to find a way to combine my major with my minor in Chinese Studies. So I set on finding ways to use VR to enhance the language learning process in an effort to answer the question: "How can we utilize technology to help the language learning process?"


See the project video: 


The challenges I faced during this semester had to do more with my prototyping. I didn't have experience using VR programs so I had to do my own research and experimentation to find a program that worked the best for me. I ended up with Spoke Mozilla for this project because it was more beginner friendly and accessible. My other challenge was to show why language learning was so important. So I had to go more research to back up my claims.


The conclusion I reached was that VR could help create an immersive environment that people would be comfortable speaking in. My first section of my video is informational and displays why language learning is important and beneficial for us. These reasons are appreciation for other cultures, empathy, understanding, and communication. The other part of my video is a mock AD for my prototype VR software called VmmeRsion.

MEET THE Designers:
Makennah Chinavare

Makennah Chinavare

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