Helena Seo

Build Your Cabinet

Build Your Cabinet helps people who want to track and treat their nutritional deficiencies.

Throughout the year, I researched the dietary-supplement industry using different research methods including an interview, a co-creative workshop, a survey, and an online worksheet. During Capstone 1, I redefined the problem of people misusing dietary supplements, which could lead to potential adverse effects. I spent Capstone 2 trying to come up with a business-oriented solution through exploration and testing of three areas of opportunity: consumer behaviors, customization methods, and educational tools. All of the testing resulted in interesting, but unexpected data that guided my project. Build Your Cabinet is an all-in-one platform for expert consultations, factual information, and reviews of supplements. It aims to create healthier future generations.


One of the biggest challenges was to create a customization method. In order to find the right product, it is essential to know consumers' nutritional deficiencies. I explored the questionnare/survey method to test, but it did not provide sufficient information to find out whether someone has deficiencies or not. I had to look for different ways to collect data by expanding the existing questionnaires, and partnering with home-testing-kit companies so that information about deficiencies can be clear and accurate for customers. Also, Covid-19 made in-person testing almost impossible. I had to plan out new ways to test using online tools, including distributing worksheets to online communities.

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