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From Capstone Instructors: Lee Anderson, Rose Pember, Megan Willy, Kiersten Nash, Robert McKinnon, Sara Arnell, Monica Belot, Domenica De Fazio, Ammar Belal, Alicia Tam and Hala A Malak



Course: SP2 Capstone

Instructor: Kiersten Nash



Course: Narrative Space

Instructors: Pamela Parker & Jeff Stark

Students: Yiman Bai, Hongxi Chen, Rylie Anne Cooke, Bianca Curiel, Jiayu Duan, Maithili Jain, Esther Kim, Mi Ri Kim, Eleanor Melby, Beige Pingarron, Xiaoci Sun, Maya Thakrar, Melanie Wu, 

Ming Hong Xia, Tianni Yun

Highlighting the era of 1940s and 1960s New York City supper clubs in a time of quarantine and societal uncertainty.

The COVID Supper Club is an interactive and exploratory collection of New York City supper club artifacts from the 1940s to the 1960s. The online show explores the Supper Clubs then and their implications now, and how nightlife has altered, adapted, and evolved.

The artists curating this exhibit are Parsons School of Design students, studying with Pamela Parker and Jeff Stark in their class, Narrative Space. The collection was lent to class by the City Reliquary in Brooklyn for an exhibition that promotes the museum's values of curating and storytelling through everyday objects and artifacts. The artifacts themselves are memories of the supper clubs, including menus, promotion materials and photographs. These artifacts were collected by Chris Engel and offer us some insight into supper clubs of the past.

Focussed around the theme of sitting collectively at a “dinner” table, the online exhibit will present place-settings that set the scene for collection artifacts. The exhibition was originally scheduled to open up at a temporary Chashama space in the West Village. In the wake of COVID19, the students adapted the show for an online presentation with live events, more information to come.

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Course: Design Strategies in Everyday Experience

Instructor: Killeen Hanson

Students: Carina Cho, Isha Goyal, Stephy Hsu, Emily Ki, Tanishkaa Kumar, Avi Magaram, Lena Malmstrom, Taara Mehta, Amanda Palermo, Sasha Patil, Andrew Rahal, Esther Seo, Rebecca Stobbe
Charis Tang, Shriya Tiwari, Kennedy Whitaker, Katie Yates

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A building collection of everyday experience exploring the themes of industries, relationships, economy, health and uncertainty during the COVID-19 global pandemic.


This Encyclopedia is a project from students in the Spring 2020 cohort of Design Strategies in Everyday Experience at Parsons The New School of Design in New York City. In this course, students study how design shapes – and is shaped by – everyday experience. Students develop strategic or motivated observation – that is, on looking at the world as a designer. The course is also writing- and reading-intensive, and encourages students to develop strength in close reading and analysis, critical thinking and academic writing.

The goal of this encyclopedia is to provide an insight into how with the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s lives have gone through drastic changes. The encyclopedia is one such tool that binds these varied experiences in one place, and offers an insight into some aspects of the pandemic, through various forms and viewpoints. It is an attempt at documenting lives in these tumultuous times. We sincerely hope that the pandemic comes to an end soon, and that people can resume what they once knew to be normal. All in all, this encyclopedia will forever be an account of what underwent during the pandemic and how it changed and affected lives.

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