Isaiah Wang

Rowen Griffith

Wanted Design x Industry City

The fostering of a creative community in an innovative ecosystem

Initially creating a brand strategy to communicate Industry City as a design destination through their new design center. However, we were compelled to create an online community that would communicate with the Wanted Design and Industry City during the Covid-19 pandemic. We aimed to emphasize the community aspect and give designers a space in which they can still access the resource that is each other, in order to support, and be supported despite being unable to be physically together.


The biggest challenge we faced was adapting to the pandemic. With stay-at-home orders issued and our classrooms converting to an online format, we had to figure out how to do our research and pivot a project that would have otherwise been a physically designed space. We needed to pivot our in-person ideas and come up with research that was adapted to an online format – challenging our team to get creative and think outside of the box in order to deliver a project we were confident addressed the original brief, but also considered the present.


Recognizing Instagram as the online platform that everyone is turning to during these times, by restructuring Wanted Design’s current social media strategy, we see the potential in allowing designers and the Wanted Design community members to engage with each other. The design community wants to know how designers are maintaining their creative identities through this global crisis, and Wanted Design has the capacity to make voices heard. By bringing people together now, we can foster a community for the future.

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