Sarah Pyo, Angelina Li

Han Chen Carson

Wanted Anywhere

How might we develop a more accessible resource for a wider scope of the design community? 

Wanted Anywhere is a multi-faceted digital extension of Wanted Design*Industry City’s Design Center, proliferating an all-encompassing accessibility of resources that caters towards a wider scope of emerging designers and brands alike. This element of connectivity eases the conceptual time and space while fostering community and collaboration throughout the discovery and design processes.​


As a team, our biggest challenge was working together under the circumstances of a global pandemic and adjusting to a quick embrace of remote technology while not having access to the physical resources we have grown accustomed to. Adapting to these changes allowed for us to see the true value in digital connectivity and subsequently inspired us to integrate those insights into our ideation.


A stronger digital channel that functionally integrates into the physical space allows the architecture and interior design community to stay connected- to each other and to the Design Center, wherever, whenever.

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