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The BBA alumni community is a valuable network of creative, progressive, and strategic thinkers working in a variety of industries across the globe. Stay connected and engaged beyond your undergraduate years in the BBA community by exploring the below resources, news and events, ways to stay involved, and more. 

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with the BBA community by joining the Alumni LinkedIn group and following @parsonsbba on Instagram.

Get Involved

To share your experience, knowledge and advice with current students, see the below mentorship opportunities: 

  • Join The New School Network to find your classmates, make new contacts across careers and interests, and  allow current New School students to connect with you.

  • Join the BBA Mentorship Program to mentor undergraduate students in the BBA program specifically, and to share your expertise and advice at student-led networking events, panels, and more. 

Alumni Profiles and Stories 

Explore our Alumni Blog to see what your classmates have been up to! To share your own post-grad journey on the blog, please email with a profile photo, a 250-500 word submission or 1 to 3 minute video, and any additional links or images you'd like to share.


The Leadership Team of the above-mentioned BBA Mentorship Program is proud of the work they've done to mentor students and create a community within the BBA program. To continue providing the best possible events for BBA students, they need your support! To make a financial contribution, please see this form. To make a more non-traditional contribution, please see this form. Non-traditional donations can include tickets to relevant events at your organization or within your industry, materials or resources to provide for workshops, and more. 

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