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Crafting Cultures: Turquoise Mountain's Bold Global Move with E-Commerce and Collaboration Strategy

Leading Turquoise Mountain's Global Expansion through E-Commerce and Store Collaborations.



Danica Byron

Anne Fejer

Sophie Schumacher

Key Words


Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship, Market Engagement, Partnerships


Turquoise Horizon's Next Chapter: A Fusion of Tradition and Global Reach We're transforming Turquoise Mountain's wholesale model into a dynamic blend of e-commerce and store collaborations locations across the EU, UK, and US. Our goal is to connect with a broader audience while preserving cultural values and craftsmanship. A unique sub-label for online and pop-up ventures, partnerships with reliable logistics companies, and international shipping options. We're integrating online and offline channels, allowing customers to pick up online orders in our culturally immersive stores like Wolf and Badger and The Webster. Join us as we bridge tradition with innovation and redefine the global retail landscape together.


In proposing the e-commerce expansion for Turquoise Mountain, our team navigated the challenge of seamlessly integrating the diverse range of artisan products, spanning jewelry, homeware, and textiles, into a cohesive online platform. Crafting a compelling digital marketing strategy required careful consideration of the unique storytelling required to convey the cultural significance and craftsmanship behind each product. Additionally, fostering collaborations with prestigious brick-and-mortar stores like The Webster and Wolf & Badger posed a challenge in terms of negotiating terms, ensuring brand alignment, and coordinating logistics for the offline retail partnerships.


Turquoise Mountain can amplify its global reach through e-commerce, tapping into diverse markets with 24/7 accessibility. Leveraging digital marketing on these platforms enhances brand visibility and storytelling, emphasizing cultural significance. Collaborating with physical stores allows curated displays and exclusive events, merging online and offline channels seamlessly. Omni-channel presence and data-driven insights optimize decision-making. Highlighting sustainable practices on both platforms aligns with conscious consumer values.

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