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Capitalism & TikTok: The Co-Learning Revolution

Creating a Co-Learning space for young people to explore topics about the world's workings without the guilt of not knowing enough.

McKenna C Poe


After a semester of research concluding in the realization of a lot of guilt in systematic thinking, I started “The Co-Learning Revolution”, a space for people to ask the questions
they have about our current state of a capitalist structured world, and get
well-researched ideas and information about how to make change within it. A tik-Tok account where people can ask me the questions they have, and then I will research the answer to the furthest extent that I can in order for us all to learn more! It is important that we as a cumulative society allow space to be made for hard questions without demonizing a slightly different answer from our own. I wanted to put a strong emphasis on Co-Learning, or that it’s a space where I am not an expert, but I do have the time and resources to look into a more “expert” answer.



It is a challenge 1: to get people to understand the integrity of a project that exists on a social media platform, but I was able to find examples of accounts in other genres and themes doing successfully. 2: to amass a following in a space where discussions about capitalism are not as exciting as the newest dance craze. 3: To do the research on topics sometimes I didn’t even know that much about.


A space for people to talk freely about their questions in a direct platform that targets specifically the generation asking the questions themselves. The project also serves as an in-depth dive in the avenues of marketing a social media brand from the ground up. I set out to discover an avenue of education that is specifically generated for the younger generation and their preferred way of consuming media, and I think that I accomplished that. I also discovered a lot more about my own understanding of the world through the research and conversations I had with peers around me. Things that I would have never even considered in my day to day. So maybe I even became a student of my own teachings, and I think that’s pretty cool...

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