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KP - A Charity Meal Delivery Service Dedicated to Covid Staff

Kexin Zhang


KP is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide Covid Staff with food service from preparing to delivery, hoping to raise the awareness of the community to show support and eventually raise funds in a timely manner. Key partners ranging from local restaurants, and community members, donors, and investors to provide funds for KP’s operational chain.



Designing a food delivery service is not as easy as I thought. Funding has always been a topic of endless talk among non-profit organizations: how much funding do we need? Where can I find the source? Why are there no more funds? In the current economic crisis, these issues have become more frequent and urgent. And facing insufficient partner restaurants, I visited 50 restaurants before contacting 3 restaurants willing to cooperate. The subsequent communication issues and fund allocation also taught me a lot of knowledge.


Through my non-profit organization, it is already a virtuous circle for medical staff to eat well and eat satisfactorily so that they can better improve their work. Charity delivery services such as KP certainly have the potential to provide long-term solutions for medical staff as well as maximize the consumer profile of people who are in need of hot meal delivery in time to come.

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