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It Means More; A Tour Agency prioritizing Authentic Experiences

Uncovering how the tourism industry plays an impact on the UAE’s identity perceived by the international eye, and curating an experience for tourists that mitigates the common stereotypes and prejudices associated with Dubai.

Rhea Hegde

Ammar Belal & Michael Sainato


It Means More is a tour agency curated for cultural and authentic experiences for tourists to participate in when traveling to Dubai and the UAE. With the common negative stereotypes that are often associated with tourists and the UAE, It Means More focuses on re-inventing what it means to be a Tourist. With the packages offered, tourists have the opportunity to establish intimate relationships with the local Emiratis of the UAE and partake in various activities that speak truly to the tradition of the UAE - those that are locally approved. Partnering with new-age platforms such as Soundcloud, fostering the needs of tourists, and giving locals the voice to showcase their values as locals is what It Means More strives to practice.



During the course of this project, ensuring to cover all aspects outside of the visual and design elements was an obstacle. In essence, learning to balance all components that allude to the success of It Means More was something I had to develop with time, as I initially was primarily focused on the aesthetics of the company. Overcoming this however, taught me how to ensure that I give equal attention, time and effort to various elements that make the foundation of any company in today’s business landscape.


By the end of the course, I concluded that a travel agency with the nature of It Means More certainly has the potential to survive in a market such as the tourism industry in not just the UAE, but the Middle East as a whole. In addition, I understood the various laws and rules of application that can be applied to the company, and it showed me how a company like It Means More can exist in different countries that heavily rely on tourism for economic sustainability and growth.

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