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Team 1: The Missing Market: Ombligo & Education

Establishing Ombligo as a thought leader on e-waste by designing a consignment model within education

John Moore, Junna Wada, Sandra Braverman


Our capstone 2 case study aims to explore ways in which Ombligo can educate, engage and grow their partnerships with corporations related to sustainability and tech, as well as bring awareness to tech sustainability. Seeing as Ombligos' business model is based on refurbishing and reselling IT equipment on the secondary market, we proposed leveraging the consignment model and looking towards entities that funnelled individuals and their personal computing. By partnering with educational institutions, we aim to develop an awareness campaign that will establish Ombligo as a thought leader on electronic waste. We believe that education is a great pathway because we will be educating the next generation of change-makers.



We developed a strategy using the consignment model that would help Ombligo reach their goals of becoming a thought leader in the world of e-waste, as well as educating, engaging, and growing their partnerships. In taking this approach, our biggest challenge resulted in identifying the right potential clients as well as finding the most effective way of targeting them. As a result of our research, we were able to find these potential clients as students, as well as the channel to reach them. A challenge stemming from this was the increasing engagement from students and designing a system that both parties get benefits.


What conclusions did you reach? What was the project outcome or deliverable?
We designed a system for students to turn in their used electronics at school that Ombligo could propose as a part of their partnership with different institutions. For our presentation we created a marketing campaign, website/email wireframes, and a list of potential leads for Ombligo to pursue. From our research, we learned that we could use teachers and students who are thought leaders in their social circles to teach other groups. At the same time we would also be educating the next generation of business leaders about e waste, so that in a few year when those former students are in positions of power, waste and Ombligo will be on their mind.

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