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Team 4: E-waste Blowout

Reshape social networking culture for sustainability and technology leaders by building a multiplex E-waste themed rooftop event in NYC.

Kylie Eunsu Chun, Jenny Yukyung Kim, Ashley Then Ovalle


Our world is suffering from E-waste due to fast-changing technology, and we need a better recycling system for E-Waste. This fact is top of mind for sustainability-focused IT asset distribution provider company, Ombligo. However, such values, offering a cost-effective and sustainable IT management plan for corporations, had yet to be communicated clearly to the industry leaders. As a solution to raise the awareness of the company and service to people with high responsibilities, our team developed a recurring rooftop event, called E-waste BLOWOUT, that encompasses E-waste-themed art performances, workshops, server maze, and board games. The project elaborates integrative growth strategies based on uncovered and analyzed research data, and it will eventually build a sustainable networking system that raises brand and service awareness to high-ranking individuals.



Targeting an exclusive audience with limited social networking resources was the biggest barrier in this project. To overcome it, not only creative and accurate marketing strategies but also the right value creation were essential in our event. While conducting interviews with IT directors and sustainability executives, they showed their interest in a creative, exuberant, and donation-based social networking approach. Social networking is one of the human interactions, and it seems that our target audience desires to be more casual and natural at a social networking event. Furthermore, another opportunity was found from a distinct circumstance of the sustainability industry. Our target audience values camaraderie as they consider themselves sustainability activists. With this intimate environment, Ombligo has a strategic advantage as an authentic sustainability activist company. Based on those findings, our team focused on developing event details and creative marketing concepts that touch our target audience’s mind.


E-waste BLOWOUT, a complex rooftop event in NYC, provides E-waste themed games, free NFT winning opportunities, workshops, and speakers. This creatively reshaped social networking approach will deliver a pleasurable experience to industry leaders while delivering quality time with their friends and family. Besides, the massive growth of brand awareness and potential clients’ data are expected through the event marketing strategies including targeted YouTube video advertisement and Free NFT winning scavenger hunt in NYC. In the end, as a strategically planned new sustainable networking event, E-waste BLOWOUT will expand Ombligo's social outreach capacity and extend its comprehensive sustainable business growth simultaneously.

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