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Julian Fetterman, Matthias Laudico, Lorenzo Minissale

Can we live healthy together? EDEN

An exploration in strategic design thinking for modern living.

We began this project by diving into the ambiguous and little-understood world of health & wellness. Through the lens of the 8 dimensions of wellness, we studied cutting edge research and worked on developing tools to help individuals better understand their own health and wellbeing. As this global health crisis forced us to switch lanes, we decided to take our insights and apply them to a speculative city in which health and wellness were at the core of its design.  Eden is an exploration in design and system thinking promoting prosperity for its citizens through advanced health systems and community focused living.



Adapting to the changing circumstances around our project as much as in the real world. We had to take into account the research from the previous semester and adapt it to our current and new project. With the abundance of information we obtained it was challenging to refine our insights and adapt them into one single project. Another challenge is being able to properly define what health, wellness or wellbeing might be as different cultures, systems and beliefs vary greatly. The ambiguity of the health and wellness industry as a whole is very challenging to navigate and gain authentic insights. Health is a very personal characteristic which makes it challenging to properly understand what might allow an individual to attain a healthy lifestyle.



Our conclusion is that individual and communal wellbeing cannot be obtained without focusing on all of the 8 dimensions. Health and wellbeing can be impacted by so many different variables that only taking a single aspect into consideration is not sufficient to create a beneficial impact on an individual.

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