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Katie Choi, Davy Yi, Dinorah Ortiz


The opportunity to bridge the gap between L'Oréal’s 'Sharing Beauty With All' practices and Gen Zs.

For L'Oréal to better engage Gen Z to its sustainable program Sharing Beauty with All, we came up with our project FL'Oréal: a campaign that rebranded SBWA, based on its flower logo. The FL'Oréal journey consists of three stages: (1) the FL'Oréal makeup challenge (on social media), (2) FL'Oréal sticker (in-store and online), and (3) FL'Oréal rewards program (on the app). Our goal is to educate and engage Gen Z on L'Oréal’s sustainability commitment through our interactive journey, and for them to encourage others to be a part of it as well.



The first challenge we faced was the unexpected transition to remote classes which we could overcome by meeting online accordingly and setting stern deadlines for each phase. In addition, while it was challenging to make a corporate’s sustainability commitment engaging to Gen Z, we could do so by using interactive platforms and our perspectives as Gen Zs. The last challenge was to create a prototype. However, by dedicating an extensive amount of time and our different skill sets, we could come up with one that embodies our ideas into reality.



Our final deliverable is broken down into three sectors: (1) who Gen Zs are and their notable shopping habits, (2) what worked in terms of L'Oréal and others’ efforts to develop a relationship with Gen Z, and (3) our prototypes of the FL'Oréal journey that showcase the opportunities for L'Oreal to better understand how to market their sustainability commitments to Gen Z. The FL'Oréal journey is a bridge between Gen Zs’ less brand loyalty, their care about sustainability, and their interest in how themselves can contribute to it with L'Oréal.

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