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Isabela Pak, Kaylie Wang, Rainie Liao

L'Oréal Recycling Program

Engage and interact with Generation Z through integrated communication channels to raise their sustainable awareness

The L'Oréal Recycling Program was designed to provide a convenient and efficient choice of recycling empty beauty packages, educate and raise Gen-Z’s consciousness of a zero-waste lifestyle, encourage and increase the number of people to make an impact on planet sustainability. 

This project was also designed to assist the L'Oréal USA Group to communicate, educate, disseminate sustainability to Gen-Z with two key complementary approaches: a recycling and rewarding program with strategic partnership, and social communications via multiple social media platforms.



Our team managed well consistency during our design process with the primary focus on beauty packages recycling. The major challenge we faced was during the research and design for the recycling bin. We reached out to TerraCycle, our strategic partner, to better understand their current model of beauty recycling and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of TerraCycle’s current recycling bin. After developing multiple iterations of our recycling prototype, we designed the L'Oréal Self-Served Recycling Booth.



To further elaborate on feasibility, we designed a journey map along with a persona’s day in the life to better understand the communication between our target customer and the L'Oréal Recycling Program. The Day in the Life featured a detailed user experience of how a target customer would be reached by L'Oréal's product placement via various media, as well as how the users would interact with the recycling program.

Overall, our team developed and delivered a feasible design outcome. Aimed to enhance L'Oréal's communication with the Gen-Z public and promote a sustainable brand impact.

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