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Mayra Morales, Ilayda Arin, Melis Yardim, Ryan Johnston

Maybelline: The Transparency Issue

A transparency-themed pop up event in Times Square in line with Maybelline's new branding campaign.

A branding campaign designed to engage members of Generation Z with Maybelline through relevant marketing channels catered to them. These methods are then tied together through an overarching concept of 'flaunting' social responsibility that disseminates from this idea of seeking transparency from the brands we often trust to use. The result of this campaign is a pop-up event that'll not only introduce this concept to the brand's consumers, but that'll also educate them and make them more conscious of their role in promoting sustainability.



Like any other project, we faced the challenge of streamlining our concept in order to make it more concise and impactful - dutifully spending hours honing in on details that ranged from the brand's new tagline to which specific influencers would best fit. We really wanted to capture the essence of transparency in the best way possible.



The deliverable met all requirements of the brief. However, most of all - it employed an effective in-person and digital communications strategy that fulfilled the role of transparency we saw fit to “flaunt” all the sustainable practices that Maybelline intended to promote through this all-encompassing branding campaign we have created for them.

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