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Fiona Fang, Ting Luo

Reforma: A Supply Chain Reformation

An agency that bridges the gap between supplier, retailer, and consumer to create a more human supply chain.

This project’s central goal was to find a solution to fashion waste, and to create an alternative to the current status of the fashion industry’s supply chain. Upon discovering bamboo lyocell, a sustainable, efficient, yet underused textile, the pathway became to use it as a means to bolster a better fashion manufacturing supply chain. The hypothesis: How might we build upon the systemic missing links between the wholesaler, retailer, and consumer to promote the popularisation of bamboo lyocell?



How do we pinpoint a specific moment of trajectory in a system that passes through dozens of nations, millions of people, and unlimited quantities of material? By attempting to come up with a solution that addresses every issue, the solution is weakened. Therefore, the idea to connect people through a message/call to action of better textiles became the most wide spanning yet specific solution.



The answer: a textile supplier representation agency that promotes ethical practices and bridges the gap of transparency and knowledge between supplier, retailer, and consumer to create a better and more human supply chain. The agency will strive to do this through supplier partnerships, retailer sales, and marketing strategies & campaigns that will reach both B2B and B2C audiences rooted in the advancement of sustainable textiles.

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