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Human Rights Foundation + GAMES

Charis Tang, Allison Wright, Lemon Zhang


For our senior capstone project, we’ve had the privilege of teaming up with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization and purveyor of defending global freedoms. They presented us with the challenge of designing solutions for how they can strategically expand, engage, and communicate to a wider and more youth-based audience. Our team was interested in the potential garnering around the gaming industry. Supported through research and interviews with people in the industry, we came up with the idea of incorporating the Human Rights Foundation within the gaming industry to share audiences and gamify the experiences associated in following the Human Rights Foundation’s mission and goals.


For this project, the biggest challenge is the game industry and NGO field are the fields that we are totally unfamiliar with. It takes us lots of energy and time to reach out to professionals and speak to them to learn as much as we can in limited time. Another challenge is about our faith in the project. Our proposal is a relatively risky one. There were several moments that we are so lost in the project. We were totally out of our comfort zone, therefore we were struggling with uncertainties and insecure all the time.


By the end of the project, we used three types of game prototypes within three game categories showing the strategy could be implemented into different games with varying degrees of social interaction involves to increase youth engagement. The call of action is to make game users aware of human rights issues, realize there is an actual Human Rights Foundation exist in real life, and maybe even follow them on social media, become a part of the activist eventually.

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