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Shreen Bhansali

Alumni Mentor

Graduation: May 2020

Parsons School of Design 2020 graduate majoring in Strategic Design and Management along with Fashion Communication and Communication Design as minors.

Currently working at Pulse, a branding and marketing agency, I am the project manager and head of operations, ensuring smooth and timely execution of all their projects. But my hyper-organized presence belies a glamorous alter ego— a Bollywood star of my own making. I film and star in tributes to my favorite Bollywood hits, and it’s a rare day that I don’t randomly burst into song. I resented have ventured into starting my own diamond jewelry company called ByShreen.

I have assisted with marketing initiatives at fashion brands like Naadam, Naked, The Children’s Place, Walkee Paws, Sara Campbell, etc. and am motivated by social justice and sustainability—ask me about how to reduce single-use plastics!

I would love to learn more about you! Feel free to email me at or contact me at 646-469-2035.

Connect on linkedin:

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