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Commuter Campaign For

UNICEF Project Connect


Target commuters within physical spaces to raise awareness and engagement for UNICEF Project Connect

By Leo Gairard, Maya Thakrar, and Riya Manoj Soni 

UNICEF Project Connect’s mission is to map schools around the world through crowdsourcing and machine learning methods. Our focus was to increase participation and build awareness around their initiative. Therefore we explored large groups of people who have free time, are connected, and concerned about education around the world. We hypothesized that in order to increase accessibility and raise awareness, we need to target big cities and identify a physical space that would have a significant reach.



We initially thought awareness would be raised by improving the game platform, we learned that we had to meet people where they were at instead of expecting them to meet us. Focusing more on the awareness of the platform we decided to show people the impact they could have meeting them in common public spaces.



Our proposed outcome was a marketing campaign within the New York City subway system. This campaign was aimed to target our contributors when they had time to give and connect making the commute an ideal point of intervention. The campaign was positioned at different stages and utilized varying messaging and tone to engage the user and appeal to their different emotions. 

Key Words

Market Engagement, Prototyping, Social Impact, Systems Thinking, User Experience

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