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Brand and Customer Relationships

Re-invent retail by providing brands with solutions to have direct conversations with customers.


Key Words


Xuanbo Iris Fan


I chose this topic because of my personal story on unable to find a bike community who ride similar bikes. I start to think about how can brands engage better with their customers. Through research and testing, I identified my opportunity as offering services that allow consumers to co-create with brands in order to make deeper connections.


In order to test and learn from actual practice, I had to push my self to meet new people and actually run workshops. However through this process, I did reach out to one of the potential retailers that I want to have partnership with. Through communicating with the store owners and tailor-making my workshop session towards their unique values, I organized two sessions of workshop.


I really enjoyed the moment when customers are expressing their willingness to comeback to the store again. Through testing and learning, I am more determined that I will actually run this service even when this course finishes.

MEET THE Designers:

Xuanbo Iris Fan

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