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Creating Your Legacy One ARCHV at a Time

Data is beautiful. Data is the Future of Fashion


Key Words


Tyler Boedeker


The fashion industry has a toxic relationship with the buy-to-dispose clothing cycle. Fast fashion encourages the idea that clothing is not worth investing in as the turnover of trends lasts less than a season. What started as a fashion ambulance, so to speak, developed into a purchasing behavior analytics and lifestyle management solution. Addressing the mishaps of daily New York commuting and lack of NY closet space. ARCHV is a data mining company that operates as an ecommerce clothing delivery service, rental and resale marketplace, storage facility and clothing hospital. By using consumers data for them instead of against them we empower conscious consuming while simultaneously organizing and managing their physical assets.


ARCHV began as an on-demand clothing delivery, storage and dry cleaning service, catering to commuters facing wardrobe mishaps. The idea was to emancipate time by delivering owned garments, handling stained garments and returning them back to their wardrobe. The challenge lay in user adoption, the likelihood of a full wardrobe implementation was unrealistic. The solution was then catching users at checkout, offering a digital archive or visual receipt and the option to store. Consumers needed future value statistics in order to make any lifestyle change. Data Science is a fortune teller of patterns which prompted the idea of using purchasing data as a way to track and manage physical assets.


ARCHV is a strategy for understanding the economics of the fashion industry and partner to a nonprofit. Using data mining through different variables to interpret, predict and track the trade and consumption of fashion trends. Done so that consumers and partners not only have power over their own data but also have the tools to use it to their advantage. ARCHV prototype is an early-stage multi-brand ecommerce app that provides same-day delivery of fashion products, industry news, wardrobe planning and management, and garment hospitalization.

MEET THE Designers:

Tyler Boedeker

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