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Darn it!

A mobile clothing repair service that teaches hand sewing skills at the heart of NYC communities.



Emily Truong

Key Words


Design, Sustainability, User Experience, Sewing


Darn it! is your go-to mobile clothing repair and transformation service that provides users with the expertise needed to extend the lifespan of their garments, rather than giving in to consumer culture. This pay-as-you-wish service brings resources and mending facilities to the people, making repair culture more accessible and convenient. From local neighborhoods to business partnerships, Darn it! is your partner for learning how to sew a button or upcycle a sweater. No longer must New York City residents discard clothes due to rips or style concerns, as Darn it! is here to help preserve one’s style while promoting eco-friendly practices.


Given Generation Z's diminished hand skills due to technological advancements and our prevalent throwaway culture, I sought to explore the realm of clothing repair culture. However, navigating this space proved challenging as not all individuals were willing to attend fixed-location sewing workshops. Additionally, consumers failed to grasp the significance of repairs when new garments are easily accessible. These challenges prompted a pivot from a fixed clothing repair space to a mobile truck service, enabling the delivery of space, materials, and resources directly to residents. Simultaneously, I adjusted my value proposition to highlight the unique form of self-expression that repair culture fosters.


After finalizing the clothing repair truck design, I tested the workshop concept in various city spaces. From the University Center to apartment building common areas, a diverse group participated—some eager to learn, others observing as they were passing by. Participants were so enthusiastic that some requested materials to practice at home. Although the truck didn't materialize, Darn it! pop-up events became a success, offering NYC residents a space for creativity and collaboration. This unique and empowering experience is setting a new standard for positive change, and inspiring a new generation of change-makers.

MEET THE Designers:

Emily Truong

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