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Gem of Afghanistan

A Journey Through Art and Culture



Alex Kao

Vivian Hsiao

Caramel Cao

Key Words


Art, Design, Partnerships, Prototyping


We start out our project with the focus on “How we can ethically market Myanmar and Afghan crafters' products while preserving cultural authenticity?” And beyond that, we decided to develop a project that can increase the brand visibility and engage with the audience in the U.S. effectively, which is a collaboration with the MAD Museum on an exhibition called, “Gems of Afghanistan: A Journey Through Art and Culture.” The concept of Gem of Afghanistan is to create an architectural scene through Afghan arts and crafts. We want to show the delicate craftsmanship of local artisans while incorporating an immersive experience by bringing the audience to a domestic space.


While feedback is crucial for guiding our project, incorporating it can sometimes prolong our decision-making process for the final project. Beginning with our initial concept of live streaming and evolving towards a museum collaboration, we grapple with time management challenges. The Met, primarily focused on fine arts, doesn't quite resonate with the brand concept and style of Turquoise Mountain. As a result, we chose the MAD Museum, which boasts a richer blend of historical, artistic, and cultural genres.


We concluded that the Gem of Afghanistan perfectly portrays the idea of culture and craftsmanship as an immersive space that brings the audience into the Afghan world. The project culminates in a 3D SketchUp model exhibition accompanied by a pamphlet showcasing the event. The exhibition's mockup offers a visual representation and spatial arrangement for attendees, complemented by an informative pamphlet design. Both as the medium to transmit the message of preserving Afghanistan's cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship. The Gem of Afghanistan serves as an open space for cultural learning and interactive opportunities for the audience.

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